Product Update June 2023

Product Update June 2023

In this release we highlight the following features: 

Automatic subtitles available in english

Explore data:

      Lists: quick filters
            Quick filters are available on all columns and allow you to search the data directly. For example, you can search by any criteria, such as priority level, date, status, and others. It also allows you to combine searches by different criteria. For example, search for work orders that have priority level "X" from month "Y". 

      UX Improvements
            More accessible search field, icons to display filters and also groupings.

      View options
            New compact view option, that allows you to visualize more records on the screen.

       Row actions
            With just one click, this new feature allows direct access to the record editing mode.

      List Operations
            Printing and exporting lists are now grouped each on its own button, thus making them easier to view and use.

User and Group Management:

            Unified user management both through "my profile" and in the main menu.
            Search field that allows searching by user name or email.
            Filtering by status, such as filtering by expired or sent invitations.
            New feature that allows inviting user with more than one profile. For example, invite user "Jose" to have both technician and requester profiles.

            Improved usability, such as list of users sorted by name, and search field by name or email.

      Onboarding API that allows you to create users in bulk.

View/Edit Records
      Attachments button with count indicator. For example, when opening a work order or a request, you can quickly see if there are attachments and how many there are.

      Remarks Template;
            Allows you to create a remarks template to be supplemented when creating an order.

      Functionality that allows cloning of the sequences table. For example, clone the sequence of the system key of the work orders. This way it is possible to quickly build a sequence based on an existing sequence.

      Possibility, in the Technician app, to view and edit customized (personalized) fields. Function only available in the Universe line.

            OData performance improved up to 50%.
            Possibility to integrate CSV files, in order to import data from other systems that do not have APIs, or to create integration pipelines that allow batch uploads.

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