Product Release September 2022

Product Release September 2022

In this release, we highlight the following features:


It is now possible to create, edit, assign work orders, and manage preventive events directly from the planner.  

Manage meters and monitoring characteristics

Manage meter and monitoring characteristics by adding information such as text, date, color, dimension, and much more. 

Stock limit by warehouse

Set different stock limits by warehouse.

Stock exploration list

New columns to easily spot minimum and maximum stock by warehouse. 

Red colored text will evidence which are the parts below the minimum stock.

Restrict assets to workshops

For bigger clients with several workshops, there is frequently the need to specify assets (equipment, tools, and locations) that each workshop has access to. Using this feature, the user can specify the assets associated with each workshop. 

Create requests without assets

Total flexibility in the creation of requests! It is now possible to make a request without having to associate any assets with it. 

Read-only role

A role that allows a user to view information, such as assets, work orders, costs, and much more,  but can not make any changes. 

Resource planning in tasks

This tool allows the user to define which are the parts and quantities required to employ a task. 

Resource planning in maintenance plans

This area allows the user to identify technicians and their abilities, as well as, how many hours would be necessary to employ different tasks. 

Product onboarding with interactive and audiovisual experiences

Checklists, videos, and tootips that make Valuekeep CMMS easy to understand.

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