Product Release March 2023

Product Release March 2023

In this release, we highlight the following features:

Automatic english subtitles available
Valuekeep allows companies to create different types of contracts, define contract flows, and add information such as descriptions, dates, values, and associated entities. Additionally, it is possible to attach the actual contract to the system, making it easier to access the digitized version of the same.
The Timezone feature allows configuring the company's timezone and converting dates in notifications, displaying them in the user's chosen timezone. This allows companies in different timezones to receive email notifications with the correct dates.
Planning for Preventive Labor and Parts
The preventive labor and parts planning functionality allows maintenance managers to view future labor and parts needs for preventive maintenance. This allows for better organization of work, such as defining how many work hours will be required and which articles will be needed.
 For example, the maintenance manager of the Primavera building can use this functionality to plan how many employees and which materials will be needed for preventive maintenance next week.
Improvements in Search and Navigation
Improvements have been made to search and navigation, including the addition of new search fields for assets when creating a request. It is now possible to search not only by equipment, but also by description, location, serial number, family, brand, and model.
Calculation of the Average Cost Price
In the stock entry process, Valuekeep calculates the average cost price of each item.
Work - Usability

In the work order area, a new component has been added to the side that improves usability by allowing easy viewing of the traceability of the work order. It is possible to check the origin of the work order request, who created it, if it came from a preventive maintenance event, and in what state the request is in. Additionally, the component allows navigating directly to the request that originated the work order.
Parts and Inventories - Externally Managed Warehouse 

This feature allows maintenance technicians to consume material even if the inventory is not registered in Valuekeep. When the warehouse is managed externally by the ERP, and not by Valuekeep, the articles are not registered in the Valuekeep inventory, but in the ERP. In these cases, when there is consumption of any article, the integration is responsible for performing the exit of the consumed articles on the ERP side.
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