Product Release June 2022

Product Release June 2022

In this release we highlight the following features:


With Valuekeep Planner, the maintenance manager and administrator can now plan the work of their technicians through various calendar views.


With the administrator profile, you can view all work orders and assign a work order to any technician. The maintenance manager profile only sees the work orders created by you and those of the work center for which you are responsible.

Spare Parts

Allows you to define which parts and quantities are associated with a particular piece of equipment or tool.

Minimum Stock Control

A resource that allows you to set a notification whenever the stock of a certain part falls below the configured minimum limit.

Monitoring Notifications

The feature that allows you to be notified every time a certain condition control is outside the expected limits (for example the temperature of an asset has exceeded the expected limit). Also, the possibility of automatically generating a request or work order referring to the event that generated the notification.

Work Manager Role

The job manager can:

Manage Orders;

Create Orders;

Edit and delete orders that you have created and that do not yet have relationships with other entities;

View all orders you have created and also orders for assets that are in your access levels;

Change orders to the final state.

The new manager dashboard displays:



Work orders;

SLA (Service Level Agreement);

Average response time;



Possibility of having multiple companies within a single subscription, in addition to restrictions on access to certain companies, automatic filtering of lists and dashboards.

Other updates:

Additional Filters in the WOs List.

Asset Information and Orders in the WO Report.

Batch Management of Preventive Events.

Italian Language.

Analytics on the Galaxy Line.

Enhancements: Extensibility.

Enhancements: Print Lists.

Technological Update: Fixes, Improvements, Security, and Performance.

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