Product Release October 2022

Product Release December 2022

Automatic English subtitles available in the video.

In this release, we highlight the following features:


Spare parts within locations
Allows you to define which spare parts and quantities are associated with a given location. 

Predicted duration of preventive maintenance
Allows you to predict the duration of a preventive work order (WO), based on the execution time of the maintenance plans (or tasks).

Recalculation performance improvements in preventive maintenance
A preventive maintenance that has already been recalculated without errors in the last 24h will not be recalculated again, thus improving the performance of Valuekeep.

Supplier field in parts
Allows the identification of the supplier of a specific part.

Calendars and Schedules
Allows the definition of vacations, holidays, non-working days, and also the working schedule of a company.

New visual identity - Grupo Primavera


Report Customization and Printing (as of December 26, 2022)
Allows the creation of a customized report to print the information of a work order.

Push Notifications in the Requester app

Allows the requester in the Requester app to receive notifications of new orders, status changes and creation of follow-ups on the order. 

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