What is preventive maintenances batch management?

What is preventive maintenances batch management?

Preventive maintenances management was designed to allow you to simultaneously change the state, delete or create new versions for a set of preventive maintenances. For that, you must access Work | Preventive Maintenance | Preventive Maintenance Management;
  1. The preventive maintenance management screen is presented
  2. Before filtering the data, it is necessary to define the state, this filter is mandatory
  3. The following filters are optional: workshop, start date, end date and asset;
  4. Press Apply
  5. The preventive maintenance list is presented according to the selected filters
  6. Select the preventive maintenances you wish to perform the same operation to.
The existent options are:
  1. Change the state
    1. After selecting the preventive maintenances, on the Operations section, select the option "Change State", on the field State select the state you wish to transition the preventive maintenance.
    2. Press the button "Process"
  2. Delete
    1. After selecting the preventive maintenances, on the Operations section, select the option "Delete"
    2. Press the button "Process"
  3. New Version
    1. After selecting the preventive maintenances, on the Operations section, select the option "New Version
    2. Press the button "Process".
    3. In the case of the new version, there are the following rules:
      1.  It is only possible to create new versions for preventive maintenances on the Approved state
      2. The new versions can be created on the Pending or Approved state;
      3. In the new version of the selected preventive maintenances, you can change the following fields:
        1. projection end,
        2. priority level,
        3. workshop,
        4. responsible
        5. work order state. 
It is only possible to select 25 rows at a time

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