Mobile Requests - How to associate an attachment to a request?

Mobile Requests - How to associate an attachment to a request?

To associate an attachment to a request, follow these steps:


i.On the screen for editing or creating a Request, press the "Attachments" tab"

ii.On the top right corner, press the "+" symbol. A window with the "Photo" or "Files" options will be displayed.

    1. For Android and iOS operating systems, there will be a third option "Gallery".
    2. The "Photo" or "Files" needs to be inferior to 4MB.

The "Files" option will trigger a file explorer window where you can select the desired file.

If you run a Windows operating system, only the "Downloads" and folder can be accessed. We suggest placing the files you wish to upload inside that folder.

If you run an Android operating system, the "Downloads" folder is inside the system's "Downloads" folder. If you run a Windows operating system, the "Downloads" folder can be found at: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads\Valuekeep Requester CMMS

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