How to set up the Valuekeep Integrator?

How to set up the Valuekeep Integrator?

The Valuekeep Integrator can be installed using the following options:

·        Portal (link): download the Valuekeep Integrator addon setup available and install it;

·        PRIMAVERA Deployment Center: this option is only available for customers that subscribed to the VK.INT – Valuekeep Integrator module (PRIMAVERA Licensing). If this requirement is met, you must (recommended practice) configure it and install it in the PRIMAVERA Deployment Center, according to the configuration/installation procedures for this service.

The Valuekeep Integrator configuration is performed using the Integration.Config, that contains the access data and the complete definition for the Pipelines execution context.

Several Integration templates are available in your installation folder: <Install Path>\VKPlugin\SAMPLES\.

More configurations on the structure for file integration.Config.


Watch this example video to learn how to configure the Valuekeep Integrator with ERP - Primavera v10.


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