How to join plans on the preventive maintenance?

How to join plans on the preventive maintenance?

When creating a preventive maintenance, it is possible to replace maintenance plans when they occur on the same date or it is possible to join the several maintenance plans in a single work order.
When the option “Join Plans” of a preventive maintenance is active, joining the plans when creating or opening a Work Order (WO) follows these rules:
  1. The created WO has associated all the maintenance events plans with a forecasted;
  2. Creating the WO follows the same precedence rules:
  3. The event order is respected and allows to create the Wo0 if there is a previous event to process;
  4. This validation is applied events of the same plan, if the plan is independent (that is, without replacements);
  5. If the plan has replacements, the validation is applicable to any previous event of the main plan or any of the replacements.
  6. The same WO is associated to all preventive maintenance events for that day;
  7. For the same day, if an event allows to create and the other does not, the WO is only created for the one that allows it and associated only to that event:
  1. The preventive maintenance has the following plans:
    1. daily plan
    2. weekly plan
  2. On 02/10, it is forecasted:
    1.  event 3 of the daily plan
    2. event 4 of the weekly plan
  3. The event 1 of the daily plan already has an associated work order.
  4. The event 2 of the weekly plan does not have an associated work order and is delayed.
  5.  When the work order is created for the events of 02/10, only the daily maintenance plan is associated to the WO (event 3), the weekly plan is not associated because the event 2 still does not has a WO associated and this event should occur before the event 3.

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