How to create a request type?

How to create a request type?

After being configured, the request types allow you to classify requests and apply specific behaviors. To create a request type, select the option Settings | Requests | Request Types:

  1. The list of request types is displayed;
  2. Press the "Create" button.

The request types are divided in 3 main sections:


i.Main settings

  1. Generate WO. Automatically generated when the request is created.
  2. Create without an asset. Allows to create a request without an asset.
  3. Closing by the requester is mandatory. The requester, the person who recorded the request, is required to close it.
  4. By default. Option that allows a default request, which will be suggested when creating the request.

ii.Default values (when the checkmark Generates WO is activated)

    1. The priority level is now mandatory, that will be the Priority level associated to the generated work order.
    2. The workshop is now mandatory, that will be the workshop associated to the generated work order.
    3. Work order type, which will be the work order type associated to the generated work order.* Mandatory when the option Generate WO is active.
    4. Maintenance Plan, which will be the Maintenance Plan associated to the Work Order.
    5. The observation template is a template that contains information the user must fill in and it will be suggested on the request observations, according with the type of request selected.


    1. Free text, it can be the detailed description of the request type.

It's not possible to create a request type with the option "Generates WO" and "Create without an asset".

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