What are access levels and how can I create them?

What are access levels and how can I create them?

The access levels are a way of restricting the access of certain work groups by area. To create a new Access Level, select the option Settings | Assets | Access Levels;

  1. The list of access levels is displayed;
  2. Press the "Create" button.

Enter the data. The information to be filled in is organized in tabs. You can see the required fields using the orange margin or from the list on the right lower corner, next to the Reset button;


When creating and editing the access levels, you must consider:

i.Only one Access Level can be considered "Default";

ii.It is not mandatory to have an access level;

iii.If there is no default access level, all assets will be available;

iv.On the Employee tab, you can associate employees to the access level;

v.On the Equipment tab, you can associate equipment to the access level;

vi.On the Tools tab, you can associate tools to the access level;

vii.On the Locations tab, you can associate locations to the access level.

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